Immigration Negligence

What is considered negligence by your immigration lawyer or licenced representative?

If you hire an immigration lawyer or licenced representative, you expect them to do their job competently. If they fail to meet the professional standard expected, you may have a claim against them for professional negligence. This means they failed to fulfill their professional duties or obligations to you, the client.

To proceed with a claim for professional negligence against an immigration attorney or advisor, you must first prove that they meet these three requirements for professional negligence.

A Duty Of Care Must Exist Between The Parties

There Must Be A Breach Of The Duty Of Care

The Person Must Haave Suffered A Loss Or Injury

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They owe you a duty of care. The contract between you and the lawyer usually satisfies this requirement. The immigration attorny is responsible for performing their tasks with reasonable care and to the expected professional standard. If they fail to meet this standard, you may be able to claim damages.

The court will award damages based on the total losses you incurred due to the negligence. It is important to keep track of any and all losses related to the negligence.

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10 Common Examples of Negligence that Immigration Lawyers May Commit

Failing to advise clients of all available immigration options

Failing to submit documents
in a timely manner

Failing to provide clients with accurate
and complete information

Providing incorrect advice
or information

Charging clients fees which should be
paid by the employer, such as LMIA

Failing to disclose conflicts
of interest

Failing to act in a client's best

Failing to maintain client

Charging excessive fees
for services.

Failing to upload the correct documents when filing on behalf of the client

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If you believe your legal representation has committed any of the above acts of negligence,

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