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Eoin Logan Specializes in Immigration Negligence

His dedication to helping immigrants during this complex and often stressful process comes from his first-hand experience immigrating and watching many people close to him struggle with this process and having nowhere to turn when something went wrong. As a Meridian Law Group team member, Eoin is one of only a few legal professionals in Canada specializing in immigration negligence cases.

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What is professional negligence from an Immigration Lawyer?

If you’re not sure if your lawyer or licenced immigration representative has been professionally negligent, use this guide to find out if you need further immigration advice and representation.

All three Criteria must be met for your case to qualify as immigration negligence or incompetent counsel.

Duty of Care

A duty of care is typically in place after both the lawyer or consultant and the client have signed a contract.

Breach of the Duty of Care

A breach of the duty of care can be a lawyer or consultant who fills out an application wrong, misses deadlines, or needs to be more communicative with their clients, resulting in delays of applications.

Suffered a Loss or Injury

To have suffered a loss or injury in the context of immigration negligence would typically mean being denied a work visa or PR.

If your licenced immigration representative or attorney has been neglectful, we can help.
Immigration is a complex process; when your lawyer has made a mistake, missed a deadline, or
uploaded the wrong documents, it’s called negligence.

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Common Immigration Challenges


Work Permit

If you feel you meet the work visa qualification and have provided all required documentation but were still denied due to professional negligence by your immigration lawyer, book a
consultation with us.


Visitor Visa

If you have been denied travel to Canada but feel it was due to negligence from your lawyer or licenced representative, you may be able to take further legal action.


Permanent Residency

If your PR application has been denied due to negligence, we may be able to help. Find out if your case meets the requirements of a negligence case by booking a free 30-minute consultation.

Eoin Logan

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The real cost of immigration negligence

When Immigration negligence occurs, it costs you more than your legal fees. Families become separated, career opportunities are lost, and a person’s safety can be jeopardized in the worst-case scenarios. We get justice for people whose immigration attorneys or licenced representatives have negligently performed their duties.

Has your work visa or temporary permanent residency been denied due to negligence on your lawyers’ behalf?

If your client or someone you know has suffered from professional negligence from their immigration lawyer, please fill out this Referral Form , and we’ll be in touch to assist them.

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If your client or someone you know has suffered from professional negligence from their immigration lawyer, please fill out this Referral Form, and we’ll be in touch to assist them

Was Your Canadian Visa Or PR Denied?

Was it due to a mistake or negligence by your lawyer?

Find out the five steps you can take if you were denied a Canadian
Visa or PR due to negligence by your Immigration Lawyer or Consultant.